Dr. Eric Kazenga
HOPE Leadership Institute

Leadership is the ability to influence others. Biblical Leadership is the ability to help someone move from where he is now to somewhere else so that she or he can fulfill God’s plan in her or his life. People need leaders, or else they tend to stay in the same place.

Leaders have existed in all cultures throughout history. From Egyptian hieroglyphics, we know that symbols for “leader” existed as early as 5,000 years ago. Moreover, it is easily observed that leadership plays an important role in organizations of every kind. Without Joseph, the entire ancient world would have been destroyed by famine. Without Moses, the children of Israel would have remained in Egypt. Without Joshua, they would have remained in the wilderness. Without David, Israel would have been overcome by Goliath and the Philistines. Without Paul, the early church would likely have been deceived by the errors of the Judaizers.

The Master of Ministry concentration in Christian Leadership is intended to equip every believer in the area of leadership. The greatest need in the church today is effective leadership. This program is not limited only to those serving in the pastoral position. It is open to those who believe in the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ for us to be the light in the dark world. Our purpose as Christian is to influence our society with the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today the church needs more leaders and less preachers, without strong leadership it is becoming difficult for churches to achieve their highest potentials. This program will equip you in every area of ministry and provide you solid theological foundation.  Leading according to the plan of God’s belongs in the business, the church and the home.

This program will equip you to:

  • Discover your leadership style.
  • Develop an understanding of leadership from a structural, human resource, theological framework.
  • Become familiar with current finding in the areas of leadership.
  • Effectively solve organizational problem and promote strong organizational development.
  • Assess leadership models currently in organizations and investigate new models.
  • Learn effective way to communicate your vision and develop your charisma as a leader.

This Program will benefit:

  • Pastors
  • Staff Pastors
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Missionaries
  • Christian Businessmen
  • Lay Minister