Eric Kazenga, Ph.D – is a Professor, Clinical Christian Counselor/Therapist, Life Coach, Church Consultant, and an Ordained Minister. Dr. Kazenga is a gifted leader for his generation with an inspiration to influence and help others become effective leaders. The Lord has blessed him with knowledge,  understanding, wisdom and ability to help religious organizations assess their current needs and provide solutions both spiritual and strategic, on how to overcome their challenges. He has been conducting seminars in different places about: Leadership, Church Growth, Marriage/Family, Parenting, Addiction and Counseling, to fulfill his God-given mission to train men and women for effective ministry.

Dr. Kazenga believes that Christians and Christian organizations altogether should enlighten the world in the area of care and leadership. The Lord Jesus Christ gave us the command to be the light of the world and salt of the earth, in other words, we must be the leading ingredients in everything and everyplace.

He is also a gifted Counselor with a strong desire to see clients overcome their difficulties. His passion for Christian Counseling comes not only from extensive studies and the work accomplished with his patients, but from experiences through his own struggles.

Dr. Kazenga has conducted extensive research on premarital education, marriage therapy, parenting and divorce among a diverse cultural background. He is trained and experienced in a wide range of issues and therapeutic counseling modalities; competently applies Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) to address maladaptive emotions, behaviors, and cognitions through a goal-oriented for; which includes cross-cultural counseling that respects cultural differences.

Dr. Kazenga is also a member of NationsAcademy and serves a associate professor at Nations University and College Boreal.