HOPE Bible Institute IS NOT A DEGREE GRANTING INSTITUTION. The Bible Institute and Counseling Center are ministries of: HOPE CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTER. We are a Bible School and Ministry Training Center with the only purpose of training men and women to become effective for local churches and personal ministry.  


  • Evangelical Order of Pastoral Counselor – EOCPC
  • Master’s International School of Divinity (Associate – Doctorates)
  • Bibleway Institute of Christian Counselling and Theological Studies
  • Canadian Christian Clinical Counselors Association (C.C.C.C.A.)
  • Canadian Christian Theological Seminary 
  • Mount Olive Seminary
  • Cornestone Christian University

Students wishing to earn degree through some of our affiliated schools should understand that this does not in any way assure the student of employment with a counseling agency or licensure with an agency or secular job. All degrees are Christian and Biblical in nature therefore the student would do well to investigate the possibilities prior to spending time and money in any program that may or may not be beneficial to their personal goals.