Youth of Impact program is mentoring program with the only purpose to see Youth become good citizen and youth of influence to impact our community with the knowledge, wisdom and Spirit of God.

Our mission is: to reach youth in our community and help them appreciate, develop and use their gifts, talents and to see them also mentor others Youth.

What is a Mentoring program?

The encyclopedia defines Youth mentoring as the process of matching mentors with young people who need or want a caring, responsible adult in their lives.

According to The Encyclopedia of Informal Education:

“The classic definition of mentoring is of an older experienced guide who is acceptable to the young person and who can help ease the transition to adulthood by a mix of support and challenge. In this sense it is a developmental relationship in which the young person is inducted into the world of adulthood”

There are different approaches to mentoring programs:

  • School-based
  • Community-based
  • Individual
  • Group


In a Community Based mentoring program a mentor meets youth in the community such as a church, community facility, or by taking the child to community events. This can be done in a one-on-one or group setting.